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The new Trim Disc 71 puts that factory finish back on your edges using a ceramic disc (no wobbly belts) that is incredibly precise. With this machine from Wintersteiger at our side, you can choose from an unlimited combination of edge bevels or use the factory specs from your ski /snowboard manufacturer. We can tune your edges to stay sharper longer for unparalleled performance day after day. G&B gladly welcomes the addition of this all-round tuning machine to our team.

Green $29.99

Belted base and side edge sharpen, de tune of tip and tail for easy turn initiation and belt hot wax. This tune is recommended for beginner to intermediate Skiers and snowboarders.

Blue $39.99

Belted base and ceramic disc side edge sharpen with factory specifications Sharp from tip to tail unless requested, belt hot wax. This tune is recommended for intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders

Black $49.99

All of the Blue tune with stone grind for current ski conditions includes temperature specific Hand hot wax. This tune is recommended for high performance skiers and racers All of the above tunes do not include any base work minor base work can be added to all above tunes for $10. Any major base repair will be assessed and charged accordingly by the technician. All epoxy work for de lams and edge separations are a minimum of 50.00. Shop labor rate is 50.00 per hour.

A la Carte options

  • Hot Wax belt -- $ 10.00
  • Hot wax iron -- $ 20.00
  • Binding check -- $ 15.00
  • Side wall rip -- $ 15.00
  • Stone grind -- $ 15.00

Mounting Charges for Skis and Snowboards

  • Equipment purchased elsewhere -- $40
  • 1 piece of equipment purchased here -- $25
  • 2 pieces of equipment purchased here -- N/C
Family tune cards are available for any of our tune-ups for the ski season. Unlimited tunes for a family of 4
  • Green -- $299.00
  • Blue -- $375.00
  • Black -- $450.00
Race Tune card for 2 pair of race skis
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