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Capita Volcom Pat Moore Pro Snowboard 2017

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Mr. Plant doesn't mess around. He steps to the biggest urban features, hikes deep in the backcountry, and feels at home in all facets of snowboarding. If you want to ride like the red head that hails from the backwoods of the Shire known as New Hamp, your
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Capita Volcom Pat Moore Pro Snowboard 2017

Traditional Camber – Tried and true, traditional camber profiles elongate your effective edge and provide more power in your nose and tail. Boards pop harder and have more high-speed turning stability with this design.



Powershift RFC Dual Core™ – Constructed with the highest quality Poplar and Beech woods this core enables solid edge hold, eliminates chatter, and increases power on take-off and landings.


Carbon Fiber Beams – Known for its rigidity, high tensile strength, low weight, high temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, Carbon Fiber is one of the most popular materials used in today's high performance applications. This lightweight, strong material, when molded into a snowboard, increases power and response while remaining ultralight.

Dynaweave™ Fiberglass – The Dynaweave™ configuration features triaxial fiberglass on the top of the core and biaxial fiberglass beneath, creating more response while increasing strength and durability. Combine this layup with a specialized resin and one of the many additives CAPiTA has available and you get a high performing board tailored to meet your style of riding.

Plant Based Evo Resin – Low temperature requirement, consistent and durable output. This resin system has a bio-content of 60% renewable, agricultural raw materials. It is plant based that does not compete with primary food sources and is produced with no waste or green house emissions.


Full ABS Sidewalls


Wax Infused Enduro™ Base – This base material strikes a unique and sought after balance between high performance and low maintenance. These bases are highly wax absorbent and allow longer time periods between waxing sessions.

Titanal Base Inlay – Titanal is a high strength hardened aluminum wrought alloy with excellent compression strength to weight ratios. A perfect top core structural reinforcement, these 20mm Titanal struts resist longitudinal compression.

MultiTech™ Sublimation + Die-Cut Base


360° Steel Edges


Multitech™ Level 6 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + PAM16000 Topsheet – Advanced ink bonding and curing technologies for a killer graphic.

PLT Topsheet Technology™ – Environmentally-conscious PLT technology reduces the need for harmful chemicals while creating a high-quality topsheet.


Graphics by Volcom Stone

Binding Compatibility

Stainless Steel 2 x 4 Inserts


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